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Cable harness assembly for the automotive sector

2Connect has been supplying the global automotive industry with high-quality cable harness assemblies for a number of years. We design, develop, manufacture and supply quality products in accordance with the relevant international quality standards. This is associated with a short lead time and a highly favourable supply chain service.

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2Connect manufactures cable harness assemblies for various end products in the automotive sector: for forklift trucks, mobile cranes and mining trucks, with specific applications such as camera equipment, sensors or dosing systems. We also assist in the electrification of vehicles, such as electric trucks, buses and mini-loaders.

We have achieved the quality standards applicable in the automotive industry, including IATF 16949.

Market requirements

We create automotive applications comprising robust wiring harness assemblies and connectors with a long service life, regardless of the harsh conditions in which the machine or vehicle has to operate. We also meet all the requirements relating to environmental conditions, such as temperature, chemical resistance and waterproofing.

Submit your request, and we will develop a custom-made high-quality cable harness assembly.

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