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Connection solution for medical applications in accordance with ISO 13485

Let us develop the most innovative interconnection solutions for your medical applications. 2Connect develops and manufactures customer-specific applications in accordance with the ISO 13485 standard for OEM and ODM customers. We have been developing special cables for the medical device industry for many years. You will therefore find us a reliable and expert partner for product development.

Power, signalling, data, air or liquids: our cable assemblies provide the solution for all kind of connections, from content and diagnostic equipment to wearables, from surgical to monitoring equipment. We carry out manufacturing, assembly and packaging in our cleanroom, established in accordance with the ISO 14644-1 standard.

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- Special overmoulded connectors comprising biocompatible materials

- Highly flexible hybrid cables for electrical and optical signals, combined with liquids and gases

- Miniature wiring, cabling and assemblies, manufactured in a cleanroom environment

- Special insulation materials suitable for various sterilisation processes

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