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Cable assembly

Customised cable assembly

Every assembly is unique. For example, a unique connector, UL certified or a special cable may be needed. Everything is possible with us!

We will be happy to discuss your challenge and look for a suitable solution.

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Solutions for all cable assemblies

Customised connectors for a specific connection. Overmoulding of connectors to make your assembly watertight or robust. Cables with an air tube running through them. Electronical packaging for your PCB. These are all examples of the possibilities we offer.

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Cable assembly production worldwide


The 2Connect TechCenter is located in the Netherlands. This 2Connect TechCenter is specially created for the production of prototypes, small series and for fastlane production. We can ensure that your wiring harness, cable assembly or prototype will be with you quickly. All this so that we can switch and serve you as quickly as possible.  


As soon as series have to be produced, the production is transferred to Romania. There is also the possibility of having prototypes made in Romania. This often happens with products for which there is a little more time and the production will eventually take place in Romania as well. Both for cost reduction and production capacity.  


When larger series of cable assemblies have to be produced, this can also be done in China. In order to guarantee a good cost price, we also have production in China. We can offer a competitive cost price for your cable assemblies. 

If you are afraid of the lead times, take a look at the solutions we offer.

Supply chain


Perhaps your cable assembly is not so standard or you have a question concerning a special connection. Our team of engineers is always ready to help you. We have a large team of engineers in both the Netherlands and Romania. So there is always someone who can help you with your problem.

By having engineers at different locations, we can switch quickly. We prefer to have short lines so that the process runs best for all parties. We are happy to visit you to discuss something, or you are always welcome at our office or in the TechCenter.

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