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Quality standards

2Connect’s quality standards 

We supply high-quality interconnection solutions. Besides we comply with various international quality standards to support this pledge.

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IATF 16949

To ensure that our quality management complies with the automotive industry standards, we have IATF 16949 certification. This international quality standard serves as proof that we comply with the set requirements.

ISO 9001

The best-known certificate, ISO 9001, provides assurance of our compliance with quality management standards. These range from customer satisfaction and cost savings to the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing market.

ISO 13485

The fact that we are ISO 13485 certified means the healthcare industry can rest assured that our interconnection solutions meet the stringent quality and legal requirements applicable in this market. This certificate provides the additional assurances required in this industry.

ISO 14001

We also have ISO 14001 certification. This shows that we pay close attention to environmental legislation. We do so by observing and managing environmental aspects, then continually improving them.

ISO 45001

All our production facilities comply with ISO 45001, which helps us closely monitor our employees’ health and safety’.


The UL certificate is a US quality label that guarantees the traceability of every component in a product. 2Connect has distinguished itself in the market for interconnection solutions by attaining this certificate. The materials and documentation we supply are approved by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) under the following numbers: E306061, E306062, E306063, E330553, E330554, E330555, E469116.