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Agriculture technology

Cable assembly for agriculture technology

Agriculture technology is on the verge of a massive automation revolution. The demand for highly accurate measurement equipment, sensor systems and robotisation is rapidly increasing. We respond to this product demand with our custom-made connection solution for product development in the agricultural market.

Customisation and quality

The equipment used in both the agriculture and horticulture sector and on livestock farms not only has to be robust, but also requires a long life span and resistance to high humidity. Furthermore, such special cables and connectors have to meet these conditions without compromising on quality. Join us in developing applications that offer excellent performance in climate controlled environments, have a high level of EMC/EMI shielding and can easily with and contact with chemicals or water.

Solutions for agriculture technology 

We create innovative cables and connectors that meet all your product needs and requirements. They are both unique and of superior quality, whether for automated robotic arms or the measurement equipment used for quality testing. Or let us develop interconnection solutions to boost the performance of production lines or connect vulnerable sensors. We invariably come up with the solution.

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