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Moulded connectors

Custom-made moulded connectors

Ensure your end product is resistant to extreme environmental conditions with an overmoulded connector. 2Connect interprets global customer requirements into basic to complex interconnection solutions that function optimally. Let us develop custom-made overmoulded connectors that meet all international standards and provide ultimate quality.

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Moulded connectors for maximum performance

Machinery and equipment have to work under increasingly harsh environmental conditions. They may be immersed in water or exposed to radiation or millions of vibrations per day. Safeguard the continued operation of the end product, regardless of the working environment, by fitting custom-made overmoulded connectors.

Customer-specific M8, M12 and M16

While a standard injected M8, M12 and M16 connector sometimes works perfectly, it may also fall far short of customer requirements. In such cases, we develop a custom-made moulded connector. We make standard products unique for your application. For example, other types of cables, different shielding, special contacts with modified quadrature, with or without coax contacts, specific lengths or particular codings, material and colour composition in M8, M12 or M16. Apply different outer sheaths, such as TPU, TPE, TPS, TPO and PVC, and with or without shielding. We make standard products unique for your application.

Time to market

You would naturally prefer to have launched the finished product yesterday rather than today. All the more reason to consult the engineers who work for us in Waalwijk, the Netherlands. What is more, we develop the prototype in our 2Connect TechCenter, with a view to further reducing the time to market. The entire manufacturing process is then carried out at our state-of-the-art facilities in Romania, in strict accordance with the relevant quality standards. This approach enables us to swiftly design, develop and manufacture at the best price.

Integral cost price

Interconnection solutions are our field of expertise. Our moulded connectors serve as proof of this. We also adopt a smart, proactive approach to calculating the integral cost prices applicable. This is evident in the end product, which is both of high quality and cost effective. Two undeniable advantages.

2Connect is your one-stop-shop for moulded connectors. Find out just what we can do for you.

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