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Custom connectors

Custom-made moulded connectors

2Connect identifies and solves customer needs with simple to complex customer-specific moulded connectors. We develop and manufacture connection solutions that meet the most stringent quality requirements, which we vouch for by applying Advanced Quality Planning (APQP). We do this at an excellent integral cost price and within the shortest possible lead time.

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Moulded connectors for any conceivable environmental conditions

Machinery and equipment need to work under a diverse range of environmental conditions: at low or high temperatures, in humid environments and even under water. They also may have to be resistant to chlorine, salt and other chemicals, as well as machine vibration resonance. Such circumstances often calls for a custom-made product. Ensure the continued operation of the end product, regardless of working environment, by fitting custom-made moulded connectors.

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Moulded connectors with ideal electrical properties

Increasing amounts of data need to be transferred both within and between devices, and more quickly, too. High-speed data traffic and high-information density place increasing demands on cabling and connectors (impedance, crosstalk, etc.). So, the conductors in the cables and the connectors must be highly compatible with one another.

To prevent disruption of the signal transmission (EMC and EMI), shielded cables and connectors – which have an exterior electrical connection – are often used. But by applying additional overmoulding, it is possible to create a secure and watertight connection between connectors, cables and connector shielding.

2Connect manufactures moulded connectors with electronic properties that ensure they perform optimally despite exposure to radiation. Available with soldered or crimp contacts, these products are assembled to ensure compliance with the most stringent requirements to be waterproof (IP68) and in exceptional cases even IP69K.

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Optimum performance

We design an effective strain relief for any device. For example, by making the moulded connector highly robust and able to withstand frequent use. And by restricting flexure of the cable. We can carry this out for connections conveying any medium, including electricity, air and light. In fact, we are so flexible that it is highly likely we can comply with your requirements.