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Special cables

Special cables for any end product

Everything that interconnection solutions convey needs to be carried out faster and in a more complex and versatile manner these days. Furthermore, special cables need to be made smaller, while continuing to yield optimal performance in even the harshest environmental conditions. We interpret requirements into powerful connectors that comply with the international standards. The application of shop floor control offers us both full traceability within our production process and the ability to supply in accordance with the most stringent quality requirements.

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Whether it is dynamic cables for drag chains or hybrid cables for video applications that have to accommodate numerous signals and functionalities, we produce a variety of solutions: for numerous communication protocols, including industrial Ethernet (Cat.6A, Cat.7), bus cables or hybrid cables with twisted-parallel pairs in thermoplastic materials (PVC, TPE, PUR) or fluorocarbons (ETFE, FEP, PTFE).

From nothing to something very powerful

It is crucial to establish the customer requirements when manufacturing a high-quality special cable. Our engineers therefore analyse your request, come up with alternatives for the best price-quality ratio, then create the prototype in close cooperation with the product developers. Thanks to extremely short lines of communication with the engineer and our swift manufacturing time, you also benefit from an excellent time to market.

From standard to special cables

We also transform standard interconnection solutions with communication protocols into special cables that meet your unique requirements, invariably in accordance with international quality standards. From industrial Ethernet, hybrid and bus cables to specific materials such as PVC, TPE and PUR.

Quality guarantee

Your end product deserves nothing less than the ultimate quality. We therefore test our special cables on the basis of the relevant quality standards. This enables us to fully guarantee the reliability of the special cables.

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