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"Great next step in our growth strategy"

2Connect Group acquires 2E Interconnection

2Connect Group has further shaped its growth ambition. The company recently acquired 2E Interconnection from Oss, which allows it to serve the business market even better. "We are complementary to each other and our customers benefit from this," says Mark van den Heuvel, CEO of the 2Connect Group.

Both companies specialize in developing and producing connection solutions for the business market. "Still, we're not in each other's boat; we complement each other very nicely," says Van den Heuvel. "Just like us, 2E Interconnection is strong in supplying a wide range of cables, with 2E even being a partner of both small and large parties."

Own identity

Van den Heuvel is convinced of the position that 2E Interconnection has built up in the market. That is why the company retains its own identity and continues to operate independently. At the same time, Van den Heuvel wants to use the synergy benefits. He explains: "For example, our end customer will benefit from efficiency gains in the field of logistics and purchasing."

Investing in technology and people

The joining of forces also plays a positive role in the further expansion of the Research & Development ambitions of 2E Interconnection. "The development capacity is increasing, for example by using our TechCenter," says Van den Heuvel, who announces investments in both technology and people. "We expect 2E Interconnection to rapidly expand its current workforce of 25 people. Together we can achieve ambitious goals."

Fast switching and upscaling

Van den Heuvel expects even more acquisitions in the future. "In a dynamic world with ever shorter lead times, it is important to be able to scale up quickly if necessary. However, we only do that if everything is right. For example, it is crucial that things like the company culture and the service level fit together, as is the case with 2E Interconnection. Because only with well-thought-out, strategic acquisitions can we achieve our higher goal: to serve customers optimally."